Sidari, Corfu 49081 Greece

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Dimitris Apartments Sidari

Swimming Pool

Dimitris Apartments Sidari are surrounded by lawned gardens, plants and palm trees, with a 230 square meter swimming pool at its center. The whole garden is walled, ensuring quiet and absolute privacy. It is also a safe environment for your children and there is a part of the pool just for kids.

Dimitris Apartments Sidari


Dimitris Apartments are located on the edge of Sidari resort on the north coast of Corfu.The area around the apartments is ideal for exploration. You can walk or drive to nearby Magoulades and see traditional village life. Or walk through the surrounding olive groves to visit monasteries & churches.

Dimitris Apartments Sidari

Nearby Destinations

Located in a key point, Dimitris apartments can be a starting point to explore the northern part of the island. Popular destinations such as Arillas, Acharavi, Agios Georgios and Agios Stefanos are just a few minutes drive away and await you to discover their hidden beauty.

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